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What Slot Limits Should You Play

Slot machines come in a variety of different ages, shapes and sizes. With how quickly technology changes at this day in age, you can now choose from a huge selection of different games to play. At one point in time, you would sit down and play a machine that had one or three lines. With the new video slot machines now, people play as many as thirty or forty lines. Newer slot machines give casinos the ability to let you play more lines which increases your bet. Before you play a slot machine in any offline or online casino it’s best to decide on what kind of limits you are going to play for.

Consider Playing Older Reel Machines – While they might not be as fun and entertaining as newer video slots, the older reel slot machines only let you bet on a maximum of 1 or 3 lines. In doing so, you can play the maximum number of lines for a smaller bet as compared to most video slot machines.

Don’t Jump into High Limits – We can all be tempted to quickly move from a penny slot over to a dollar slot. Don’t rush into high limits until you have a steady bankroll to back it up. While I don’t really consider dollar machines to be high limit, five and ten dollar slot machines are!

Look for Good Bonus Games – All slot machines have different bonus rounds in them. Some slots may only have one bonus game built in, while others may have four or five. Find slot machines that offer multiple bonus games and this may give you more chances to enjoy free spins and similar bonus games.

Keep these ideas in mind before you play at another casino. Deciding the proper limits will be important to managing your bankroll and lasting longer. Don’t rush to play high limit slots until your budget or bankroll can afford it. Always remember to gamble responsibly and never hesitate to try a new slot machine out. If something looks interesting to you then choose the info option and learn more about it. Every machine has a walk through that explains how to play it!